It may not be visible, but the main water line is responsible for more than you think. It delivers the water you need every day to various parts of the home. Without this line functioning properly, taking showers, washing dishes, or cleaning your hands will be much more difficult. A line break can not only be a health hazard, but it can put a full stop to most of the things we enjoy at home. Preventing the home’s water line from failing and getting timely repairs is key, and the only way to know when to call a plumber is by understanding the key indicators that it’s time for a new main water line. 

Unexplained Puddles of Water

Check your backyard or areas around your home for unusual pooling of water. Sometimes heavy rains leave puddles of water for a day or two, and most homeowners have an idea of where the most common pools of water are in their yards. If rains were few and far between, yet you’re seeing puddles percolating in the grass, your water line might be leaking.

Discolored Water

Leaking pipes don’t just release water into the ground. It also picks up contaminants like dirt, debris, insects, and pests. When you turn on a pipe, the water should be clean and filtered for use. Discolored water or water with nasty smells should sound a few alarms. If this is the case, you might want to consider repairing or replacing your main water line.

Low Water Pressure — But High Water Bills

Are you noticing a drop in water pressure when showering or using your washing machine? Immediately take a look at your utility bill. Low water pressure should mean a lower utility bill, right? If the price you pay has increased or looks relatively similar, but you aren’t benefitting from the same water flow as before, it could be a sign that you need a water line replacement or repair. 

What Benefits Do I Get From Replacing My Water Line?

As one of the biggest sources of fresh and clean water, keeping your water line functioning properly is imperative. A fully operating main water line provides a ton of health and safety benefits, in addition to the peace of mind that comes with knowing the things underneath your home are in good condition. 

Water line issues require immediate attention, and if you need to find an emergency plumber, Edwards Plumbing and Heating experts are available for assistance. But the last thing a homeowner should want to do is willingly place themselves in an emergency that could be avoided, especially when it can lead to costly repairs. 

Additionally, with the advancements in modern technology and processes, a main water line replacement is a quick, easy and efficient process. Proper care can provide a much longer lifespan as well, meaning 50 years or more of clean water for your home.

Need Your Main Line Fixed? Edwards Plumbing and Heating Has Got Your Back

Are a combination of these signs taking aim at your plumbing appliances? At Edwards Plumbing and Heating, we provide plenty of ways to keep your main line flowing as smoothly as it always has. Our various plumbing services do more than just fix up broken drains or replace main lines. We keep money in your pocket, protect the structural integrity of your home, and give you the peace of mind needed each day. Contact us today to keep your main line in mint condition!