Expert Drain Services in Southeastern Michigan

People often don’t think about what ends up accidentally going down their drains until it’s far too late to do something about it. When homeowners have to face the reality of a clogged drain, sink, garbage disposal, or tub, they need the help of an experienced drain cleaning company to get the job done. For Southeastern Michigan, the choice for high-quality drain cleaning is Edwards Plumbing & Heating.

Our team has provided expert drain cleaning and drainage system repairs for homeowners throughout the region. We specialize in helping to unclog their toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, and whatever else in their home that has gotten backed up. Our drain cleaning experts are ready to help you restore your home’s plumbing.

Professional Drain Cleaning

When you discover that you have a clogged drain, multiple thoughts run through your head. How is this going to affect my daily routine? Can I unclog the sink or drain myself? While DIY methods can provide short-term solutions for your problem, finding solutions that remedy any underlying issues becomes crucial. Our professional drain cleaning service can help you deal with your drain issues quickly and efficiently.

Trusting a drain cleaning service with your clogged drains, sinks, garbage disposals, and tubs takes a certain level of trust. You want a drain cleaning company with a proven track record for helping customers with a wide range of clogged drain issues. When you bring in our drain cleaning team, you know you’re getting the best in the region.

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Thorough Drain Line Repair

Sometimes a snake won’t be enough to get rid of the clog — sometimes, you need the pros to get into your drain line and make direct repairs. If you have drains that have started leaking, aren’t running as smoothly as they should, or any number of other issues, you need someone to take a more in-depth look and make critical drainage system repairs.

That’s where our team of plumbing experts comes in. We’ll conduct a thorough camera inspection of your drain pipes to find the source of the problem. Once we detect the buildup, leak, or pipe decay, we’ll reline or replace that section of piping to ensure your plumbing can flow smoothly and you don’t have to be turned off by stinky and dirty drains.

Best Drain Maintenance Practices

When it comes to your drain maintenance routines, homeowners want to take a proactive approach to take care of their drains. Typically, being mindful of what goes down your drains is a good place to start — avoid things like grease, coffee grounds, and non-flushable products, to name a few. Flushing your drains with hot water is another effective maintenance method. However, turning to a drain cleaning company to help is always a viable option if your drains still get clogged.

Unclogging Clogged Toilets, Sinks, Garbage Disposals, and Tubs — One Home at a Time

As you come across drains that continually clog and require extensive drain cleaning, sometimes you need to know when to call in the professionals. We have helped residents throughout the region get their drains cleaned and repaired in no time.

Our team has provided decades worth of drain cleaning help for our customers, but we don’t stop there! In addition to our drain cleaning services, our team helps our customers in multiple ways. Our services include:

If your drain lines keep getting clogged, you don’t have to resort to stop-gap solutions to feel relief. Contact our drain cleaning experts to get a free estimate and schedule your next appointment! Your drains will be happy you did!