How Much Does It Cost to Install a New AC Unit in Michigan?

Are you contemplating adding a new AC unit to your Michigan home or perhaps considering upgrading your existing setup? Understanding the cost implications of installing a new air conditioning unit can help you make an informed decision. Given the range of options available — from window AC units to comprehensive central air conditioning systems — […]

How to Get Rid of Sink Drain Odors

Dealing with sink drain odors can be a pesky problem that disrupts the ambiance of your home. Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, unwanted smells coming from your sink can be unpleasant and persistent. Luckily, getting rid of these odors is often straightforward, with some easy-to-follow steps and everyday household items. In this guide, […]

What Constitutes a Residential Plumbing Emergency?

A man performing a plumbing service in the background with plumbing equipment on the floor in the foreground.

Determining what qualifies a plumbing emergency as a nonprofessional can prove tricky and confusing. An on-call emergency plumber is vital to any homeowner, as you never know when disaster might strike. Luckily, Edwards Plumbing & Heating has provided its customers with quality emergency plumbing services in southeastern Michigan for over 35 years. On average, a […]

4 Most Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

A showerhead with water dripping from it.

If you’ve ever had to deal with fluctuating or low water pressure, you know how difficult it can make showering, washing your hands, cooking food, or other basic routines. While it might seem like you’ll never get your normal water pressure back, a loss of water pressure isn’t a permanent reality. Fixing the issue starts […]

Is It Time for a New Main Water Line? Here’s How to Tell

A close-up of a pipe in the ground.

It may not be visible, but the main water line is responsible for more than you think. It delivers the water you need every day to various parts of the home. Without this line functioning properly, taking showers, washing dishes, or cleaning your hands will be much more difficult. A line break can not only […]