As beautiful as your home is and as much time you take caring for it, it doesn’t make sense to wait until you’re facing a dangerous situation to address your sewer line. Sewer line problems can lead to a range of other issues that can cause damage to not only your home, but hurt your wallet as well.  

But how do you know you might need sewer line repair? You should already be getting routine maintenance on your sewer line, but six common signs pop up that indicate most homeowners need sewer line repair, including:

1. Staggering Water Bills

Has your water bill been reaching astronomical levels lately? A high water bill is one of the first signs that you might have a sewer system problem, especially if you haven’t seen any effects in or around your home. Leaks and cracks in sewer pipes can cause water to seep out, leading to increased water usage and higher bills that will only increase as the leak worsens. While water prices tend to fluctuate, it’s good to compare your past bills to more recent ones and see if your water levels have increased by an unusual amount. 

2. Foul Smells Around Your Home

Take a stroll around your home and note any smells that might be uncommon. Sewage leaks tend to be smelly, and as the leak grows, the surrounding area of your property might begin to smell a little less like home. Smells should never come out of your sewer line, so if you notice anything off, contact us and ask about a consultation.

3. Pooling Water Around Your Property

Another sign related to foul smells would be water pooling around your home. This water tends to be smelly and indicates a severe sewage backup. Some homeowners confuse this pooling water for rainwater, but sometimes large amounts of pooling water can stifle your grass and create spotting and discoloring around your yard. Either way, note the location of the pooling water and let your Edwards Plumbing & Heating technician know.

4. Gurgling Noises From Your Drains

A pipe that’s functioning well won’t make many noises; conversely, extreme gurgling noises might indicate a sewer line blockage or another major sewer problem. If you’re hearing bubbling sounds that seem to be coming up your pipes, this is a clear sign of an issue. Take note of if gurgling sounds come from multiple pipes as well. Gurgling from one location might indicate a blockage in one pipe, while multiple locations might indicate a main sewer line issue.

5. Drainage Issues

Slow drains are annoying and are an extremely common sign that indicates a clogged sewer line. While you may have removed clogs before, drainage issues can indicate clogging within your mainline, which you shouldn’t try to DIY. And don’t think about using drain cleaners either. — they can worsen the issue and even damage your pipes.

6. A Too-Green Lawn

Believe it or not, leaking sewage can make your lawn look green and luscious, but it’s just the calm before the storm. It can be tempting to believe that your green lawn was a product of your new fertilizer or lawn watering skills, but don’t ignore the possibility that you might have a sewer line leak. You might even see plants pop up around your lawn in locations that aren’t too common. There’s likely a major problem with your sewage system, and you should get it looked at before the sewage backs up into your home.

A Local Plumber Can Solve Your Sewage Issues

The best way to get a comprehensive look at your sewage system is by scheduling an appointment with an expert local plumber; for many Michigan residents, that means contacting Edwards Plumbing & Heating for sewer and drain repair services. We can provide a detailed analysis of your sewage system and offer drain cleaning and sewer line replacement services in addition to repair. To prevent issues with your sewer line or for any of our other services — like heating and cooling — contact us today!